Boston Pet Care Services


I was bitten by the "animal bug" as soon as I was born. My love for animals has stayed with me my entire life, and I've enjoyed working with them on many levels. Growing up, I wanted to have every pet imaginable. In addition to dogs and cats, hamsters, birds, hermit crabs, iguanas and fish were just a few that called my bedroom home. A good night's sleep was never considered good unless there was a fuzzy ball of fur at the foot of my bed. I graduated with a degree in Animal Science and became certified in dog training, dog grooming and have worked in veterinary hospitals. My family ties in Hawaii brought me to the islands where I spent time training marine mammals before moving to Boston. I'm passionate about filling LUXE Pet Resort with the Aloha Spirit.

My husband Greg and I started Luxe Pet Resort because we love animals, especially dogs and cats. We understand how difficult it can be to own a pet in a busy environment. Work, vacations, and other random events in your life sometimes make it hard to be there for your pet. We realize this as well as one other major dilemma; finding a place where you feel comfortable leaving your furry companion. We wanted to create a facility that was not only the very best of its kind with perks one would expect from a five star hotel, but one in which your pets would be given the utmost in personal care.

My husband has a degree in Accounting with a background in finance, and has the business experience to manage our resort. He is also a dedicated animal lover, and is a perfect complement to the pets and the business. Our love for all animals led us to our dream of owning our own pet resort, and it really is amazing to do something you love every day.

Most importantly, we and our staff are committed to make sure that you and your pet are cared for in the very best possible manner. The facilities and creature comforts are outstanding, but the personal care given to your pet is what makes Luxe Pet Resort truly one
of a kind. Please feel free to visit us for a tour at any time.


Greg, Nancy and Tycho