LUXE Pet Resort Requirements for Dogs & Cats

Cat & Dog Requirements

Every owner must complete a Pet Application Form and schedule a Temperament Test prior to their pet's stay. This helps us understand your pet's background, personality, and special needs so we can make their visit as safe and as comfortable as possible.

**Safety is our main goal and daycare and boarding is not suited for every cat and dog. If your pet has separation anxiety or doesn't do well in this type of setting, we strongly urge you to explore other options. Boarding an animal with such anxiety is not safe and can be stressful to other cats and dogs around them. Please consider this before deciding to enroll your pet at Luxe Pet Resort.

Health and Safety

The health & safety of each pet is our number one priority. If your dog or cat becomes ill while you're away, we will contact you and your veterinarian immediately. In the event of an emergency, we will transport your pet to the nearest veterinary clinic or 24 hour Veterinary Emergency Center. All pets must not have had or been exposed to any contagious or communicable illnesses within the 30 day period prior to check-in. Luxe Pet Resort advises against boarding guests that have a terminal illness and are in the late stages of that illness. We cannot accept any guest with casts, stitches, bandages, splints or head-cones. Each pet will receive an evaluation before admittance. This helps ensure a flea-free, healthy environment. Pet's showing signs of coughing, gagging, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea will not be admitted. Please see our Vaccination Requirements page for the necessary vaccinations needed in order to stay with us.


Guests must possess a temperament that allows staff members to be able to properly care for them. Allowances may be made for specific temperament issues, but pets cannot pose a danger to staff members. Dogs enrolling in our daycare program must pass a Temperament Test first.

NOTE: Due to insurance purposes, we cannot accept Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, English Staffordshire Terrier, Cane Corsos or Presa Canarios.


We are happy to administer medications for an additional charge of $7 per medication, per day. However, we DO NOT accept any pet on more than 3 medications. If a pet requires more than 3 medications, we recommend medical boarding to ensure the health and safety of your pet. We DO NOT administer any injections of any kind (insulin, fluids). All medications must be labeled correctly with the dosage instructions included. Please inform us if your pet has any allergies prior to your pet's stay.

Personal Belongings

Luxe Pet Resort provides food and water bowls, beds, blankets and toys for all of our guests. Owners are welcome to bring a favorite toy for your pet, however, Luxe Pet Resort is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged items. We do not accept any blankets, bedding or crates. Treats are welcome, but no pig ears, rawhides or bully sticks are allowed.


Owners are required to provide their own food for their pet to avoid changes in their pet's diet. We recommend measuring and labeling the meals ahead of time to prevent your supply from running out while you're away. If for any reason your supply from home runs out or is forgotten, we will use our in-house kibble for an additional charge of $5 per meal.